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Magic Tricks with Special Cards

All packet tricks offered here are free of mechanical additions like flaps, threads or wax. Their intricacy is in the special graphic design, so they can be used mechanically exactly as other good cardboard playing cards. Of course they require correct handling to make the most out of their special possibilities: each set comes with printed instructions.

Aladin 3D

The 3D-issue of the austrian magic magazine is elsewise available only here.

1 copy 25,- €

Zauberzeitschrift Aladin 3D magic trick M&Ms


Appropriately sorted the different flavours enable a blind recognition of the chosen colour(s).

25,- €


An X-Ray-picture appears on a playing card, showing the hand of a spectator – as well as his chosen card.

1 Set 20,- €

magic trick X-Ray magic trick Big Joker

Big Joker

4 Blank Cards change into Fives, then into Aces, and finally into a Jumbo Joker.

1 Set 17,50 €


To prove a perfect prediction a clearly different back design is seen on the card chosen by a spectator.

1 Set 22,50 €

magic trick Intuition magic trick Matrioschcard


A printed russian doll unpacks her contents magically on former blank cards.

1 Set 12,50 €


By magic something different than a chicken hatches from this egg ...

1 Set 12,50 €

magic trick Dracovum magic trick New Elements

New Elements

A handful of playing cards change their backs repeatedly, until each and every one of the nine cards used shows a different back design!

1 set 25,- €

Card Tricks and Trick Cards

The trick cards out of this Online-Magic-Shop are factory-made cardboard playing cards in bridge size with air cushion finish. These cards are recommended for professional use as quality props. The audience experiences each of these packets as special playing cards, regardless of a particular standard deck. The slightly narrower bridge cards are ideal for magic tricks with small packets, because sleights of hand like secret turnig maneuvers get much easier with them.

special products

Klitzekleines Zauberbuch

Klitzekleines Zauberbuch

Book in german language: The collected publications of Franz Kaslatter from several decades and so far unpublished tricks.

249,- €

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